Order Maine Lobster Online For Your Maine Vacation


Ordering Maine lobster is quite easy these days. If you order Maine lobster online today, it may arrive in as little as next day. But before you place your order, take time to investigate which of the many businesses in Maine that sell the best lobster are the best choice. Not all lobster operations are created equal, so if you're a first time buyer, you may not be aware of what to look out for. In order to make sure that you don't end up with food from an unlicensed cheater, check their licensing requirements.

When you order Maine lobster online, they will usually deliver live lobsters right to your front door. Live lobsters have more flavor, are lighter weight and easier to prepare. But there's another advantage to having live lobsters when you order Maine lobster online. Lobsters are available all year round, whereas fish or frozen fish may only be available during certain months. By choosing live lobsters, you can have them fresh and when you want them. You can order them frozen or dry, but you'll probably save money buying fresh than paying for dry.

Many of the Maine restaurants where you order Maine lobster online also offer other types of seafood and great dishes. Think of how delightful deviled eggs or crab cakes would taste instead of just the standard hickory-based fare. Lobster rolls are another popular treat. The meat of the fish or crab, with the addition of mayonnaise, is very tasty, too.  Read more about authentic lobster rolls.

Some of the Maine Seafood companies offer a variety of different entrees, as well. Of course, lobster meat is the standard, but Maine chefs often have a variety of great dishes. Among these are: bisques, steamed seafood, baked cod, stuffed prawns, and corn on the cob. Take your pick, since your choices are only limited by what's available in the area where you live.

If you're looking for Maine lobster meat, it will be shipped directly to you from the docks in Maine. Once you arrive, have your choice of the traditional tail, claw or prawn. Many restaurants offer all three, so you can select the one that you like best. But if you order lobster tails earlier in the day, you can get it shipped direct the next morning.

There are times when you want a special kind of seafood, like lobster tails. If you order them overnight, they can be shipped the next morning. Maine restaurants often have this kind of specialty and you can usually find them displayed on the specials section of their website. You'll find that you can save money overnight shipping by choosing this option, too, since some restaurants offer up to 40 percent off on both maine and off-airport shipping, depending on the distance. Click here for more.

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